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About Use

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About member registration

  • Japan Premium Rice is requesting membership registration in order to provide you with the best shopping experience.
    *Membership registration is free.
    *Before registering as a member, please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and register after acceptance of these terms.
  • Register for membership here.
    *After e-mail address authentication and registration of customer information is complete, you will be able to make a purchase on this site.
    *In order to receive communication from Japan Premium Rice, please set your spam filters to allow email from “”.
    (Not setting your filtering preferences to accept mail from “” may cause you to not receive communication from Japan Premium Rice.)
  • Registered customers can view or change email addresses, mailing addresses, shipping addresses and review purchase history on My Account.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please confirm using password reminder.
    *Passwords can be changed from My Account.

About Price

  • Please note, product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All sundry expenses are included in the price.

TOP Screen

If you click "Select Item" or "Select Category," you will proceed to the category screen.

Category Screen

Please click on the item you wish to view.

Product Screen

  • Please confirm the image and description of the item then enter the quantity desired.
  • Once you have decided and confirmed the product, please click the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Please repeat to enter other items you wish to purchase.
  • The contents of "shopping cart" can be viewed and confirmed at any time during the process.
  • When you have finished selecting your items, please click the "Go to Purchase" button.
  • If you would like to shop for additional items, please click the "Continue Shopping" button.
    *Since the weight limit differs depending on the country of delivery, the quantity which can be purchased at one time may also change.

Shopping Cart Screen

  • If there are no other changes, please click the "Go to Purchase" button.
  • Next, proceed to the "Delivery Destination Input Screen". Please note, once you proceed to the "Delivery Destination Input Screen", you will not be able to return to the TOP Screen or shopping related screens.
  • To delete items, click the "Delete" button displayed on the right side of the table.
  • To delete an item, click “OK” when you see the message, "Are you sure you want to delete?"
  • To cancel all, click the "Empty Contents of the Cart" button displayed below the table.
  • To cancel all, click “OK” when you see the message, "Would you like to empty your shopping cart?"

Delivery Destination Input Screen

Please proceed to the "Delivery Destination Input Screen". Please note, once you proceed to the "Delivery Destination Input Screen", you will not be able to return to the TOP Screen or shopping related screens.
Please enter your order information. Mandatory fields are marked with *.

Enter Order Information

  • Customer’s Name (Last name, First name) *
  • Phone Number*
  • Email Address*
  • Current Address (Address Line 1, City, State, Zip Code, Country (drop down), EIN Number (Brazil only)) *
  • Please click the destination of the product.
  • If the recipient’s information is different from above, select "Enter New Address" to enter the recipient’s information.
  • If you have any other information you would like to enter, please enter it in the text box below.
  • If there are no input errors, click "Next".
  • Please select the Payment Method.
  • Please pay according to each Payment Method displayed on the screen.

  • Pay by credit card
  • Please confirm the paid delivery area.
  • An illustration of the delivery area is displayed.
  • When all input is complete, please click "Next".

Order Confirmation Screen

  • Details of your order will be displayed, please confirm all information provided.
  • To modify the contents, please click "Correct Order Details". ⇒ You will return to the Customer Information Input Screen.
  • If you do not need to modify any information, please click the "Confirm Order Details" button.
  • Please note that we cannot cancel / change items after and order is placed (after clicking on Confirm Order Details).
  • f you do not need to modify any information, please click the "Confirm Order Details" button. Your order will then be completed.
  • An order number will be displayed, please retain or print out this number.
  • You will receive a "Thank You for Your Order” email from Japan Premium Rice.
  • If your order can not be delivered on the desired delivery date entered, we will contact you by email in advance.
If you have spam filter settings, please change the settings so that you can receive mail from the domain "".
If you do not receive an email from Japan Premium Rice, "Please click here."

About Payment

【Payment Method】

Payment method can be selected on the "Payment Method Selection" screen.

Credit Card Transaction

  • Credit cards with VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, Diners, AMEX logos are accepted for payment.
  • Please note that certain credit cards with these logos may not be accepted depending on the form in which they were issued.
  • When customer confirmation is required, we may contact you.
  • If there is a refund or change in transaction that requires a refund, the refund will be applied after the original amount has been charged to the credit card.

Regarding Delivery

About Shipping Fees

  • Shipping fees will differ depending on the delivery address.

About Fuel Cost Surcharge

  • The percentage is fixed for one week. Please click here for details.

About Special Handling Fees

  • Home delivery fee ¥ 380 (US & Canada only)
  • Regional periphery · delivery fee
  • Correction of delivery address, etc.

About Customs / Consumption Tax / (VAT) / Handling Fees

  • Items are taxed by laws of the destination, based on purchase price, capacity, weight, etc.
  • The handling fee is a fee which FedEx pays for customs / consumption tax on behalf of the importer.

About the Delivery Carrier

We will deliver by FedEx or designated carrier.

About Confirming Delivery Items

  • After shipping, products cannot be accepted for return or exchanges, other than product defects.
  • Please check the condition of the delivered products.
  • If there are product defects, please contact us within 3 days after delivery using the Contact page below. Please note that we cannot accept inquiries regarding defective products more than 3 days after delivery.
  • The Contact page can be found here.